Posted: October 2, 2012 in Learning, Reboot Process
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I’ve always been happiest when I’m learning.  But I’ve never been most effective doing so in a classroom context.  I’ve had a good deal of success  from learning within the context of work.  But there are so many things that I’d like to learn that just don’t fit in that scope that I am not really achieving my learning goals while holding a full time job.

So I am going to take some time to attempt to reboot my brain and become a more effective learner.  This is informed by a lot of things, but two of the primary ideas are that of Neuroplasticity and Flow, both of which seem to show that I should be able to effectively manage a mental reboot if I go about this right.  I’ve also been a fan of MindHacks and LifeHacker but have not taken the concentrated time to put these ideas to work.

All of that is great, and there are loads of ideas packed into (or unpack-able from) those four links and I’ll share others as I encounter them.  But I needed a framework to  drape all of that stuff on or it would just end up as a gooey mess in my head.   I ran across this blog – Skip Graduate School, Save $32,000, Do This Instead a couple of years ago and have been thinking about variations on that idea ever since.

This is perfect.  As a direct translation of the above blog post to my situation, I’m going to spend a minimum of a  year on a self-designed education including a number of things that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time but haven’t had the time or energy to pursue.  This includes learning an instrument, learning a foreign language, building writing skills, and broadening my programming/design skills.  That is a set of what I think of as medium sized goals that I can apply learning techniques to and at least informally measure my progress.

Finally, where does all this lead?  If you missed it, I’m taking a minimum of a year off of full time employment to dive into this experiment, if this ends up being a year of self improvement and self discovery, I’ll count it as a success but not be thrilled with the outcome.  My overall objective is to accomplish the brain reboot and in the process discover my next big thing, which I hope will be a project/career that will both improve the world around me and provide a sustainable living.

As part of the writing project, I’ve started this blog to document the journey, so if you find any of the ideas above interesting I hope to have more here on a regular basis.  My first month following full time employment starts today (October 2nd, 2012) and will consist of getting set up for the remainder of the year.  Some of the things I expect to post soon are what instrument and why, what language and why as well as early experiments in improving my pace of learning and how I figure out scheduling in an unconstrained environment.


P.S. In case it isn’t intuitively obvious, the title of this post is meant to refer to the real mode dos/early windows definition of the three finger salute.

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