Posted: October 4, 2012 in Mental Reboot

One of the things that I will miss most during this year of rebooting (and possibly much longer if I slip into independent entrepreneurial type of lifestyle) is lunch.  Okay, you caught me, I will continue to eat lunch at least most of the time. I suspect my days of totally crazy diets are mostly over.

But I won’t typically have lunch with a group of diverse, intelligent people that shed light on hard problems both personal and professional.  People that are a deep resource on everything from diets to exercise to Korean stone beds and everything in between.  I’ve gotten tips on how to learn a language, how to speed read, how to grow tomatoes, how to fire a gun.  And the list goes on. And on .And on.  I was fortunate over the last decade to work with a bunch of that kind of people, and it wasn’t just lunch.  It was also afternoon tea/coffee break, the random couple of minutes as a meeting spun up or a quick chat in someone’s office.

So as a quick follow-up to my first post, I wanted to make it clear that a large part of the purpose of this blog is my substitute for lunch.  I hope a bunch of the people that I have had actual lunch with over the last decade will comment on upcoming posts and help out with my lunch replacement.  I also hope you random people on the ‘internets’ that stumble across this blog will participate in the conversation.

I’m really going to miss those lunches, for people that have never had quite that experience I hope some small part of it can be translated to this medium.

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