Posted: October 24, 2012 in Exercise, Mental Reboot, Writing
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This is slightly off topic, but I’m planning on bringing my physical fitness routine into this discussion at some point and a thought occurred to me during yoga this morning that I’d like to share.  I’ve been practicing Bikram Yoga and other hot hatha yoga for nearly five years now and have probably averaged a little under twice a week during that time.  It has rarely been my core practice, but more on that later.

Generally I’ve been very good at doing the mind-blank thing in Yoga where the only thing that is going through my head is concentrating on the poses.  I am wondering now though if part of the reason that this came ‘naturally’ to me was that I was stressed enough by work that I had to shut it out in order to function in class at all.  Because I’ve noticed over the last month or so that my mind is wandering more to things like future plans or composing blog entries.

For now I’m going to take that as validation that I made the right decision to undertake this adventure in rebooting myself.  But over the longer term I think I need to figure out how to block out the good thoughts as well as the bad when doing meditation-like activities.  If for no other reason than the idea that I happened upon when I read Stumbling on Happiness that the only scientifically proven  way to increase one’s base level of happiness is to mediate.

Anyone have any suggestions?  Success with meditation in general?  I’ve heard good things about both mindfulness meditation and heartbeat meditation, but haven’t managed to achieve success with either (although I also haven’t spent a lot of time trying).

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