Two quick lessons from Tap Class

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Dance, Mental Reboot, Physical Reboot
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I suspect it’s because Tap Dancing is the one completely new physical skill that I’m working on right now, but it seems like a bunch of the ideas I’ve been playing with keep getting re-enforced by incidents in tap class.  Here are two quick examples before the slip out of my all too  sieve like brain.

On my first class back after the honeymoon hiatus, we were practicing a technique called power rolls when the teacher came up to me and said,  “you are taking my comment about not brushing too literally.  You need to move your foot back a little bit when you do that, not just straight up and down.”   That’s a case of overlearning if I ever did see one.  Now I just need to figure out how to stop that without spending too much time on meta-analysis while actually dancing…

And the second example is not new – it happens over and over and over again (possibly like a power roll gone out of control).  One of the ways that we’re learning drills in class is that we’ll start with a basic movement and then the teacher will indicate through gestures how many reps and which side to tap on as well as well as changes in rhythm.  I understand all this, but I get absorbed by the actual technique and forget to keep the teacher in enough focus to catch the changes.  Is this over-focus or am I just slow?

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