Pirates, Yoga, Smoking, Breathing, and Karma

Posted: July 26, 2013 in Exercise, Physical Reboot
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If I were to use the words in the title in a sentence, you might expect something like – “The Pirates shot the yoga colony that they found on the beach, guns still smoking they found themselves unable to breath – Karma works fast sometimes.”  Or something equally corny.  Perhaps I’ll try something like that someday if I pursue a career in corny fiction (that’s still a genre right?).  Or maybe not.

But as you may have guessed that’s not really where I’m going with this.  I had more trouble breathing in yoga this morning that I’ve had in months, possibly years.  Now there are quite a few possible explanations for this.  I am doing less Bikram yoga than I have in a while.  The temperature outside is hotter than usual.  I spent some time with Esak Garcia, and he had some interesting things to say about 80/20 breathing – I haven’t tried to apply that to my practice yet, but it may be affecting me subconsciously.

Any of the above may be the reason or a contributing factor, but I’m convinced that the main issue is Pirates.  We went to see Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzanze last night and as is unfortunately all too common when attending live theater we were blasted with mass amounts of extremely noxious perfume and cologne.  And perfume and cologne failing to cover up stale cigarette fumes.  I really think that poisons my system enough that I’m working at a measurably reduced lung capacity for at least the next day.

In any case, it also makes me reflect on how lucky I am that I managed to quit smoking (12.5 years ago now) so that every day isn’t a bad breathing day like this for me.  And wondering if this is some kind of Karmic retribution for the amount of second hand smoke and stale cigarette odor that I inflicted on others when I smoked.  If so – I’m sorry.  Please stop it.  I like breathing.  And if you have to smoke and walk back into the theater, please don’t try to cover it by spraying obnoxious scents all over yourself.  It doesn’t help.  Thank you for bearing with my rant.  The end.

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