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First off.  Yes, I admit it.  There has been some Big Bang Theory in my life recently, leading to an overly cute blog title.  But who really needs an excuse to go a bit geeky on a blog post title.  Certainly not myself.

Anyway, stripped down to the basics, this is a concept that I’ve been playing with since living with my first off campus roommate in college (which was much longer ago that I want to think about).  Neither of us were complete neat freaks.  Actually by my current standards we were probably both somewhat slovenly.  But our relative neatness (or messiness) was pretty close to the same.  Hence a reasonably decent roommate relationship.  However, I had just a bit more tolerance for the height of the stack of dirty dishes in the sink than he did.  So he almost always ended up doing the dishes and it drove him a bit batty. I swear if he could have just brought himself to leave the dishes just a little a bit longer I would have been bothered enough that I would have done the dishes.

Since that time I’ve been on the other side of that equation many times and it drives me batty, too.  Okay, only a couple of times have I been on the other side of the equation with respect to dirty dishes.  But the general hypothesis applies to many other things in life.

For instance, I’m a planner.  So when working with others it’s almost always the case that I want to have a schedule set before anyone else.  Which means that I end up driving the schedule and often doing extra work to keep everyone on track.  Which isn’t always appreciated, can you imagine? And you can see the people on the other side of that saying “Mellow out dude, if you just hold your horses for a (few minutes, few hours, few days) we’ll get to it our own selves!”

How early does a lesson have to be planned for it to feel comfortable?  How much buffer do you need in a schedule to ship a piece of software on time?  How many minutes past a scheduled meeting time do you have to be to ‘be late?’  How far or how long do you have to stray off the topic of a meeting for it to be counterproductive? 

Or back closer to the core hypothesis –  How many shoes scattered in the mudroom make it messy? If its one less that the anyone who shares the mudroom you may never end up pickup up shoes.

What’s your favorite corollary to the DDCM hypothesis?